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Coaching is for anyone who is:

  • In need of some clarity

  • Making a major life and/career choice

  • In career transition

  • Currently in a toxic work situation and trying to figure out a way out

  • Working hard but not feeling recognized for your work

  • Looking for a dependable accountability partner

  • Building a network

  • Considering starting a new business

  • Thinking about shifting their side hustle to a full business

Dr. Sofia B. Pertuz is an ICF certified executive coach who draws from over 25 years of professional experience and her research to help mid-level and senior leaders lean on their personal missions and values to step into lives in which they can thrive. Ambitious and forward thinking leaders are invited to learn how to recognize their value, track and communicate their accomplishments effectively, and to negotiate their maximum earnings.

Sofia knows firsthand that some leaders encounter identity-related barriers as they navigate careers in what can often be toxic work environments creating barriers to advancement. She shows leaders with high aspirations that with preparation and research, these barriers can be circumvented or knocked down. Her goal is to support professionals as they consider all possible pathways to best utilize their gifts and be well compensated for what they have to offer. She adds value by offering unique insights with her uniquely varied background in inclusive excellence, business development, and creative approaches to problem solving.

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When you aspire to do great things...


Sofia B. Pertuz

Lead Strategist and Founder of
Mainstream Insight,  LLC

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Executive Coaching Packages Available


Designed for leaders who are setting major goals, facing life/career transitions, and are looking to explore, define, and make substantive changes to step into their greatness. Highly motivated professionals would benefit from a thought partner for accountability and focus. Topics covered during coaching sessions would include and are not limited to values exploration, career shifting, and confidence building.

The following are included in all coaching packages:

  • Executive Coaching Sessions – 1 hour scheduled virtually every other week

  • Tailored experiential exercises to be completed in between sessions

  • Email & Phone Support - for questions and problem solving in between sessions 

  • Setting short- and long-term career goals

  • Assistance with updating professional mission statement

  • Tips for an updated resume and LinkedIn profile

  • A mindset shift about communicating your brilliance 

Click "SCHEDULE" for a free coaching discovery session with Dr. Sofia B. Pertuz



"Her words of wisdom helped me grow professionally and personally. Her coaching helped me understand barriers preventing my success and prepared me to lead with kindness and confidence. Her insights are invaluable and impactful. Working with Sofia completely changed my life in more ways than she would ever admit (even when she knows how she's transforming lives.) I wouldn't be where I am without her.

Thank you for all you do."

Chabe Aimi Acosta

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